Speaker Information: 

If you are a speaker for the Peosys Mortgage and Loan Conference, please review the following information, as it can answer questions you might have about your participation in the financial conference.

Speaker Registration

All speakers are required to register. Please contact Jeffrey Balkens at admin@peosyscom.com if you have not received a speaker code.

PowerPoint Presentations & Disks

You are required to use a PowerPoint presentation, which should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or higher. Presentations will only be accepted in this format. It is recommended that you use true-type fonts in your presentation.

Presentations should be submitted electronically to TMC Design Corporation on or before the close of business October 30 . For ease of identification, documents should be named using the speaker's first initial and last name (e.g., R_Jones.ppt). You may upload your presentation to a server using FTP software or, if you have Microsoft Windows XP, using Internet Explorer.

If you need to make changes to your presentation after submittal, please e-mail us to request details on resubmitting.

A/V Equipment

Standard audiovisual equipment consists of an LCD projector, an IBM-compatible computer with a 3½" floppy disk, a CD-ROM drive, and a USB port for memory sticks/jump sticks. Internet connectivity will be available.

There will be an audiovisual person available at the conference to provide any last-minute assistance you might need with your presentation or the equipment.